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How To Build a Chicken Coop Guide

Chicken Coop

Building chicken coops can be an adventurous experience, but remember your fun and excitement should not ruin your chickens. People often love to keep chickens, its not only fun to watch them grow, but you also get a huge supply of fresh eggs regularly. Moreover, you will appreciate yourself to provide a cozy shelter for these little ones to live comfortably. So, now you are excited to build a perfect chicken coop. Before you build a chicken coop, you need to be careful about a few things to ensure maximum comfort and safety for your delicate, fluffy chickens.

- Size: 
Firstly, while building a chicken coop, you need to think about the size of the chicken coop. The size plays a major role for proper growth of your chickens. It solely depends on the number of chicken you plan to keep. The chicken coop should be of comfortable size where the chicks can roam around freely, yet feel secured. If you build a smaller chicken coop, chances are that your chickens may not be able to grow properly as they may not feel comfortable, at times they may feel suffocated too. Remember, your chickens are free birds so they need enough space to enjoy their freedom.
Moreover, your chicken will grow in future, so the height of chicken coop in another important factor to be considered while building a chicken coop.

- Safety of your Chickens: 
You need to think about the safety measures for your chickens. You need to save them from predators as it your responsibility to take care of the little ones. You must see that the chicken coop you build must be safe and secured for your chicken and no predator can attack it and cause harm to your lovely chickens.

- Maintenance: 
The chicken coop you build should be easy to maintain. The little chickens are going to litter around. So it must be easy to clean regularly. Cleanliness is utmost important so as to prevent any diseases or illness spreading in your chickens. Design a chicken coop that is wide and easy to clean, also ensure that the water and disinfectant used to clean the chicken coop should drain away easily rather than getting trapped in the center of the coop.

- Bright and warm with proper ventilation:
 The next thing to be considered while building a chicken coop is that it should be bright as well as cozy. Proper ventilation is a pre-requisite and all these things are essential to prevent any sickness that may harm your chickens. Your chicken coop should be warm and dry in cold and wet seasons, and it should be airy during the hot season. This will keep diseases at bay and your chickens can enjoy living in a chicken coop built by you.
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Remember, you are taking a responsibility of nurturing a LIFE of an innocent bird, so assure that you take all the precautionary measures to ensure their safety and wellbeing.
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