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Building a Chicken Coop, Step by Step Instructions

Chicken Coop

Building a Chicken Coop, Step by Step Instructions

when we decided to build a chicken coop building, it will be three crusial point that can break our hope and duty:
1. Building a Chicken coop cost us alots. People always try to make their own chicken coop and the building plan but give up at the end and just buy it.

2. Carpentry skill problem. Make our own chicken coop that doesn't mean we must have expert carpentry skill, one big mistake.

3. Where should we start from?. we known very well how chicken coop design look like but we didn't know where we should start it. it's about egg gathering and cleaning system.

Building and design a great chicken coop, not really cost us and not need to expert carpentry skill. What we really need is knowledge about chicken house design, do the search in various search engines can be the one of the solutions that people choose but of course that suck out our valuable times.

The point that you should take the attention when decided to make our own chicken coop building and want it cheap:

1. make a chicken building plan. It's about building size and the amount of chicken we will raise.

2. Backyard size, we don't need to make our beautiful backyard change into chicken farm.

3. Think about egg gathering and cleaning system.

4. Chicken coop building should not be the place forever for the chicken, sometimes you need to let's your chicken go outside the building and find their own food from nature.

5. Start to learn everything about chicken and their own behavior


1. Great chicken coop building, make your backyard look more beautiful and children love livestock, the chance to make our communication more deep with son/daughter and family.

2. Get your own fresh egg, egg that come from our own hand taste more better and special than the other.

3. We can teach our son/daughter to love animal and nature, teach his/her how to build a chicken house, design it, plan it, and raise it.

Building a chicken coop no cost us alots if we really know where we should start it, otherwise building our own chicken coop give us ton of benefit, it's about family, it's about enviroment and nature, it's about us and son/daughter that can't find at any school.

two ways to start it:

1. Get your "How to build a Chicken coop" guide, Step by Step instruction.

2. or do it with search engine.

Building a Chicken Coop can be fun and much benefitLearn more about Chicken Coop Building Guide

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